A dental implant is a metallic or ceramic artificial tooth root. It is carefully placed directly in your jawbone. The implant is placed in a strategic location where it can support a bridge. A combination of implants and bridgework can eliminate the need for dentures and gives the patient a natural and more comfortable set of teeth.

It can take up to 9 months to complete an implant, depending on the patient’s healing time. It is done in several steps:

  • The dentist surgically anchors the implant into your jawbone and the gum is restored over the implant.
  • The implant remains covered until it fuses with the bone.
  • The dentist uncovers the implant and attaches a post to the implant.
  • The dentist makes an artificial tooth that is attached to the implant post.

The success of the implant depends heavily on the patient’s oral care routine.