Our Office Team


Back from left to right: Vicki Venhaus – Receptionist,  Michelle Brinker – Scheduling Coordinator

Front from left to right: Teresa Creasman– Office Manager,  Jennifer Kramer– Scheduling Coordinator

Our Hygenists


Back from left to right: Jennifer Staab – Dental Hygienist, Becky Bellinger – Dental Hygienist

Front from left to right: Shayla Belka – Dental Hygienist, Mandy Einspahr – Dental Hygienist, Mandy Sexson – Dental Hygienist

Our Assistants


Back from left to right: Gabrielle Hall – Dental Assistant, Andrea Hasenhauer – Dental Assistant, Amanda Gill – Dental Assistant, Jessica Grasmick – Dental Assistant

Front from left to right: Verna Silos– Dental Assistant, Kelly Naranjo – Dental Assistant, Ashley Streeter – Dental Assistant

Our Sutherland Office


Back from left to right: Janie Rasby – Office Manager, Dr. David Perry, Dr. Brian Vineyard, Taylor Fecht – Dental Hygienist

Front from left to right: Vicky Dowse – Receptionist, Pat Meeks – Dental Assistant, Cathy Long– Dental Hygienist, Dawn Linstrom – Dental Assistant

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David Perry, DDS
Raluca Carty, DMD
Jeff Blomstedt, DDS

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