Cooperation in the dental chair is a key factor in treating your child and maintaining good oral health. If your child gets upset during their dental visit, the worst thing to do is to take them out of the chair and leave immediately as they will likely need to return and will remember a negative initial experience. If your child is noncompliant, assess why your child may be acting out. Are they scared, or are they trying to test the situation? A majority of times when children get upset it is due to a misconception of what is going to happen during their appointment. We like to help children feel comfortable by showing and telling them everything that is going to happen during their visit and allowing them to ask questions or familiarize themselves with our equipment as needed. It is important that parents and the dental professionals treating your child are able to work as a team to keep the visit positive. Let the dentist, hygienist, or assistant lead the conversation with your child and insert yourself only when needed. It is important that your child develop trust with those treating them to insure a positive experience and to develop a positive relationship with the dental team!