Educating Osgood Kindergartners About Good Dental Health!

Educating Osgood Kindergartners About Good Dental Health!

This week, Maple Park Dentistry made a special visit to Osgood Kindergartners to speak to them about dental health! They also talked about eating food that isn’t bad for our teeth. They were nice enough to give us little goodie bags with toothbrushes and floss and...
Dreaming of Warmer Days

Dreaming of Warmer Days

We know the weather is frigid, snowy, and not ideal, and we are all dreaming for warmer days. As of now our offices are still open. Give us a call to get scheduled: North Platte (308) 534-1289 and Sutherland (308)...

Teaching the Classroom about Good Oral Health!

We absolutely LOVE engaging with children in the classroom and being able to teach them about good oral health and encouraging them to develop great home care habits! Mandy and Becky attended Mcdonald school yesterday to do just that. Thank you for having us!

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